Minerals Program FAQs


Frequently Asked Questions

No. The Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission issues permits for oil and gas extraction.

DRMS maintains electronic copies of all documents associated with active permitted sites.

Visit Laserfiche WebLink. We also have a manual if you need help using WebLink.

Submit a complaint form to the Division of Reclamation, Mining and Safety.

The State Land Board (303-866-3454) maintains only State owned properties and does not maintain records for fee (private) or federal lands. For fee property, contact the county clerk &, recorder\'s office where the property is located. For federal lands, contact the Bureau of Land Management at 303-239-3600.

Please review our "Is it Mining" document which lists guidelines to help determine whether a permit is needed.

In order for the Division to determine if a Reclamation Permit is required, you must complete and submit the "Is it Mining" document.

Please see Rule 4.17 of either the Construction Materials Rules or the Hard Rock Rules for information on the release of Performance and Financial Warranties.

Revisions (surety release requests, acreage reduction requests, conversions, amendments, technical revisions, etc.) may be submitted by completing the appropriate revision request form.  Most revisions (excepting requests for succession of operator/permittee) can be filed online using ePermitting.

The annual fee is due on the date the permit was issued, also known as the anniversary date. If you are enrolled in ePermitting, you will receive an email reminder about thirty days before it is due.

DRMS does not handle mining claims. If the mining claim is on State Land, call the Colorado State Land Board at 303-866-3454. If the claim is on Federal Land, contact the US Bureau of Land Management 303-239-3600. If the claim is on private land, contact the county clerk and recorder's office where the property is located.