Inactive Mine Reclamation Program

Photo of safeguarded abandoned mine shaft

The Inactive Mine Reclamation Program (IMRP) addresses hazards and environmental problems associated with abandoned or inactive "legacy" mines. Projects completed by the program include coal fire reclamation, coal mine subsidence abatement, non-coal mine safety closures, and water quality improvement projects. The IMRP also coordinates reclamation of sites with revoked permits and forfeited financial warranties. Since 1980, the Inactive Mine Reclamation Program has safeguarded over 10,500 hazardous openings and reclaimed more than 4,000 acres of abandoned mined land statewide.

The IMRP partners with other agencies, such as the US Bureau of Land Management, US Forest Service, and counties on mutual safeguarding initiatives. Video: Working Together to Safeguard Mines in Colorado, Case Studies in Partnership

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The Inactive Mine Reclamation Program reminds everyone that abandoned mines are dangerous.