Educational Resources

The Colorado Reader is an eight-page student (4th/5th grade level) activity newspaper available free to Colorado educators. Below are links to Colorado Reader editions that have focused on natural resources, mining, and natural resource careers. 


Colorado Reader- Colorado is Rich in Natural Resources (pdf) (Teacher's Guide (pdf))

Colorado is rich in natural resources. This reader shares information on some of the mineral resources found in Colorado along with talking about how mining developed in the state. It lists some of minerals found in Colorado and how these minerals are used in products we use every day.

Colorado Reader - Exploring our Planet Earth (pdf) (Teacher's Guide (pdf))

This reader explores our amazing planet and the various scientists who study it. It starts with a study of words to learn how biologists, archeologists, etc. get their names. Then the reader explores all types of earthy careers--from paleontologists, mineralogist, gemologist, volcanologist, seismologist, biologist, soil scientist, marine biologist, oceanographer, glaciologist, hydrologist, meteorologist, range scientist, engineer, environmental scientist and various mining jobs and more, the reader explores what is studied in these careers. The reader also discusses why mining is important to us and describes many of the products we get from the mining industry. The reader also has an activity about the three main types of rocks: sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous.

Colorado Reader - Colorado Gold Rush (pdf) - (Teacher's Guide (pdf))

Mining was important to Colorado becoming a state. Following the California Gold Rush, many miners came to the Colorado Territory to try their luck. Business people soon followed, the Colorado Gold Rush was on, and a state was born!