Permitting Actions Currently Under Review

DRMS encourages public and local government participation in the review of applications for new mining operations or amendments to existing permits.

Please click below to identify the mining operations for which you would like to submit comments. Comments or Objections regarding pending applications are encouraged to be submitted electronically, using our Comment OR Objection form.  This form is used for any/all comments or objections to permitting actions currently under review only.  To file a report of illegal mining activities or a possible violation, please visit the Minerals Regulatory Program information page.

Permitting Action - File a Comment or Objection

    Pending Coal, Minerals, and Coal Exploration (non-confidential) Permitting Actions:

    Pending Prospecting Permitting Actions (non-confidential items only):

    Permitting Actions Data Guide (defines codes used in Pending Permits and Permitting Actions search reports)

    The information displayed on the Pending Application data search tables may not reflect the most current data.

    Information specific to the Golden Mine (File No. M1976007UG)  

    Information specific to the Young Ranch Resource Quarry (M2021009)