Lewis Mine Fire Mitigation Project

Lewis Mine Fire Mitigation Project Update

The revised Lewis Mine Fire Mitigation Project is currently out for bid with construction scheduled to
begin in early January 2024. The Division of Reclamation, Mining and Safety (Division) remains
committed to completing this important work during early 2024, with project activities completed by
late April 2024.

Due to time and budgetary constraints the original scope of work for the Lewis Mine Fire Mitigation
Project has been modified. The area surrounding and including the subsurface fire will be excavated to
remove the shouldering coal to the extent possible while leaving the Davidson Ditch in place. Any
material exceeding 90 o F will be thoroughly blended with cold soil and rock and allowed to rest until
cooled. Excavation and Blending operations will be halted in the event of a Red Flag Warning being
issued for the area by the United States National Weather Service. Also if on-site surface winds
exceeding twenty five miles per hour (> 25 mph) are recorded activity involving hot materials will be

A wedge of compacted structural fill will then be used to backfill against the Ditch excavation in order to
reduce potential airflow to the unexcavated portions of the Lewis Mine. Additionally, a 1½ acre area of
mine subsidence south of the Ditch will be graded to match the surrounding topography and
revegetated with a native plant mix developed specifically for this area.

The Division is prepared to initiate additional phases of fire mitigation at the Lewis Mine if, during
excavation, subsurface conditions indicate that the mine fire is larger than originally anticipated, or if
conditions change in the future.

For additional information, contact DNR_LewisMine@state.co.us.